Facilities: 2 offices; 1 dry laboratory; 1 wet laboratory; 1 laboratory for scanning and 3D modeling; .

Office: desks, tables, shelves. 5 simple desktop computers, 2 laptops, 1 netbook, 1 toughbook, 3 laser printers, 1 scanner.

Mobility: 2 vehicles 4×4.

Laboratory of Archaeological Conservation:  (medium-sized, organic and inorganic materials): 1 large electrolysis pool, 2 desalination pools, mechanic winch (2T), chemistry bench.

Boat: Semi-rigid inflatable boat (6m), 90hp engine.

Remote Sensing: Side scan sonar Tritech Starfish 990F (1MHz); Geometrics 882G Magnetometer; Tritech Seaking Sub-bottom Profiler (20KHz and 200KHz).

Positioning: 1 DGPS Leica GS20 + AT501 antenna; 4 Garmin GPS.

Scientific Diving: 5 complete sets of scuba diving; 1 electric Coltri compressor ; 2 Kirby-Morgan full-face masks with communicator.

Communication: 2 long range VHF radios, base and portables.