The Center for Coastal Heritage Research (CIPAC) has emerged in 2009 as one of the University’s Development Poles (PDU) that followed the creation of the Eastern Regional University Center (CURE), as part of the effort of the University of the Republic (UdelaR) for the expansion of the university’s opportunities and an high-level research in the interior of the Uruguay.

With the creation of CIPAC at CURE headquartered in Maldonado, the Underwater Archaeology Program (PAS) was also incorporated, which since 2000 was already operating at the Institute of Anthropological Sciences of the Faculty of Humanities and Education Sciences (FHCE-UdelaR), with more than 10 years of experience in research, teaching, management and conservation of the coastal and underwater heritage in Uruguay.

CIPAC is currently composed of a group of highly dedicated researchers who are developing activities in the fields of Coastal and Underwater Archaeology – Marine Anthropology – Conservation of Cultural Resources and Scientific Diving.

For that, CIPAC is equipped with a complete infrastructure of research and teaching, including boats, 4×4 trucks, remote sensing and scientific diving equipment, and a complete medium-sized laboratory for the conservation of materials from the underwater and coastal environment.

Students and instructors practicing in the Field School, Piriápolis, 2012.