CIPAC participates in an International Meeting about Maritime-Coastal Anthropology and Environmental Education in Brazil (FURG)

Between August 10th and 11st, 2016, the International Meeting of Marine-Coastal Anthropology and Environmental Education took place at the Federal University of Rio Grande (FURG), Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where CIPAC was present through the Prof. Adj. Msc. Leticia D’Ambrosio who participated in the panel on “Conflicts, Coastal Territoriality and Environmental Management”. Prof. Leticia also made a presence in the event’s outreach activities where she’s participated in a round-table at the FURG’s radio station in the “FM Café” program in conjunction with the other participants along with the proponent of the event and also has joined the team for a field trip in the port of Rio Grande city, Lagoa dos Patos and the fishermen colony Z3. This event was an accomplishment of the “Nucleus of Studies on coastal populations and traditional knowledge” (NECO/FURG) in which Prof. Leticia is also member.