CIPAC participates in an underwater archaeological excavation project in the Bahamas

During the period from July, 6th to August, 3rd, the CIPAC team represented by the researchers Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Torres and Dr. Samila Ferreira participated in the project entitled “Converging Worlds: Archaeology and Conservation of the Earliest Surviving Shipwreck in the Americas”. This project was held on the Highborne Cay Island in the Bahamas. This project integrates the PhD research of the researcher Msc. Nicholas Budsberg from Texas A&M University, an institution of excellence in the field of underwater archaeology internationally. The participation of the CIPAC in projects like this extends the networks of cooperation between institutions and raises the professional level of the researchers. This project also has a broader idea about the ​​local development and the result was the establishment of the “Shipwreck Institute for Education and Local Development (Shield)“. The CIPAC team also integrated the Shield team conducting interviews and ethnographic questionnaires. This project was sponsored by Texas A&M University, National Geographic, among others sponsors.