CIPAC has a project elected to receive funding from the Incentive Fund for Culture (FI) from MEC

Last week came out with great news!

On last June, 14th the result of the selection of projects approved to receive funding from the (FI) was published on the official website of the Incentive Fund for Culture (FI) of the Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). The publication was in accordance with the priority order of the members of the jury and the CIPAC’s project came out in seventh place. This project seeks the adaptation of the Laboratory of Conservation of Cultural Resources from archaeological sites of Uruguay and once consolidated will be among the main in South America. To access the project abstract, click here. The Incentive Fund for Culture benefits the sponsors (individuals or legal entities) through tax benefits. To know more about the FI, click here. We ask for the support of all citizens. This project makes it possible to preserve the cultural assets of the country and in turn promotes a promising future in national academic teaching and research. All the investment received will be managed by a national council (CONAEF) through stages to be completed.

We count on the support of everyone!