CIPAC visits one of the world’s reference laboratories in conservation of cultural resources in Texas, USA

On January 18th, 2018, the CIPAC researchers, Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Torres and Dr. Samila Ferreira, visited the facilities of the CRL – Conservation Research Laboratory of the Texas A&M University located at Riverside campus in the city of College Station, TX.

This laboratory has carried out several important research projects in the area of ​​conservation as the project to conserve the remnants of the ship found in the rubble of the World Trade Center, destroyed in the terrorist attack in 2001 as well as cannons from submerged sites such as the Warship CSS Georgia and also land sites such as the cannons of the Alamo Museum and many other projects. The CIPAC team has two members who have a course and certificate of training in the CRL.

The visit was guided by the Prof. Dr. Christopher Dostal and also enabled us to present the infrastructure that CIPAC has for projects in conservation of cultural resources in Uruguay and also to establish agreements and support between the two institutions.