CIPAC’s researcher is on the news in a newspaper from Bahia, Brazil

On December 3rd, the researcher and professor of the University Center of the Eastern Region – CURE/Coastal Heritage Research Center – CIPAC, Dr. Rodrigo de Oliveira Torres, was on the news in the newspaper of regional circulation of the State of Bahia, Brazil “Correio 24 horas”. The newspaper’s article is about the submerged shipwrecks and especially the creation of the marine park in the Barra’s beach, a popular initiative to protect an inlet on Barra’s beach in the capital Salvador, which also houses the shipwrecks Maraldi (1895), Germania (1876), Bretagne (1903) and Cap Frio (1908) among many natural resources.  Prof. Dr. Rodrigo de Oliveira Torres has been in Salvador as a researcher of the ObservaBaía research group and a professor at the Federal University of Bahia during his post-doctorate in 2015 whose project was the development of a research line to carry out the survey of the underwater archaeological sites of the Bay of All Saints. The result of this survey and the map of the wrecks of the Bay of All Saints can be accessed at the website:

The newspaper articles “Correio 24 horas” can also be accessed at:

Photo by: Lúcio Távora/Agência Tempo